Abstract: Green Evolution

Since years the energy generation is subsequently shifted away from traditional sources to modern green solutions – whereas some key issues remain critical: Availability at any time, transport to any location and flexibility in storage. At 4IB we consider efficient storage technologies as highly interesting - aiming to reduce conversion loss (heat to electricity and backwards) and provisioning of heat at any time and independent from sun, wind and water power plant conditions. Consequently the deployment of innovative storage technologies is a key success factor to realize the green energy revolution.

Company Details

Company Name: RAWEMA
Legal form: GmbH
Foundation Date: 1997
Stock Capital: 25.000 €

Key drivers: Business & Success Criteria

RAWEMA successfully introduced a highly innovative heat storage technology in 2008. The company holds the associated patents for a decentralized heat storage system, allowing to store heat for indefinite time and lossless until it is needed in private or commercial properties.
RAWEMA commercially introduced in 2008 turn-key licensing packages to support international producers in commercial and technical exploitation of this innovative heat storage solution.

Innovation: Technical Background

The heat storage uses the physical properties of phase changing media to implement a scalable system to store heat over an indefinite time frame and release the needed energy quantity upon request. By deploying this technology a real-life tests revealed a potential Co2 reduction exceeding 25%.
Given its highly efficient energy conversion and storage capabilities, the system ideally fits as heat supply into commercial or private premises. The energy needed to provide water and room heating from 30 ° C up to 58 ° C can be delivered by the RAWEMA system in most efficient way. At the same time one critical problem residing in temporarily overproduction by wind and sun power plants can solved hereby: Efficiently store excessive electrical energy as heat inside the RAWEMA system.

Market Potential

For the time being there is no efficient solution available to provide a global energy grid supplying exactly the energy where and when it is needed. Aside of improvements for the power generation and smarter grids, today’s key point lays in the storage of energy which often is available at wrong time or wrong place.
The market-ready RAWEMA storage can be integrated in any kind of heating and energy supply appliances based upon water or solar energy.
On a global scale the investments in renewable energies amounted in 2014 up to 310 Billion US$, an increase of 16 % from 2013 (268,1 Billion US$), Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Herein especially the demand for solar power plants and roof top installation showed a steep increase over the last years and is expected to continue over the next years. This implies increasing demand for innovative solutions to realize local energy storages.



Heat storage - system layout



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