The 4IB AG mainly invests in young, innovation driven companies appealing due to their unique selling propositions, targeting well developed or ramping up industries. Herein, the "4IB AG" helps to scale innovative ideas up to products and services with a global reach. We invest where we identify a perfect match within profitable niches in mature markets; according our philosophy of diversification we focus on core innovations enabling their exploitation across multiple industries Hereby we seek for a good balance between maximization of outcome and risk reduction.

The investments of "4IB AG" are done with companies that strive to expand by either penetrating new markets or broadening existing market access with the provided financial assets. The investment perspective of our holdings ranges from a medium to long-term commitments, enabling us to secure solid returns on real economic gains. Our main acquisition target companies operate within Hi-Tec, IT-Media, and innovative consumer goods.

In function of the capital need, 4IB invests in initial or following investment rounds, where appropriate in syndication with our international investor partners. 4IB as active investor usually takes also an operational advisory role and appoints the companies Chairman of the Board in such cases where a skilled professional is required.

Advantage for the companies is to benefit from experience to drive growth, access the needed funding and benefit from the international 4IB business network. As alternative to internal funding or external (loan) financing the herein laying limitations and cumbersome processes can be avoided to focus on your core business: Make your business grow steadily