Abstract: Tobacco Alternatives (FMCG)

Legislation changes and rising health awareness triggered not less than a revolution in one of the most mature and saturated grown consumer goods markets: The tobacco industry. Matured over decades and a global production volume exceeding 6 Trillion cigarettes per year, this market was long time believed almost static. Nowadays rules of continuity are fading away. New consumer habits tend to stepwise replace classic smoke, product alternatives are ramping up within the global market sizing 610 billion US $ per Year(tobacco Atlas 2012).

Company Details

Company Name: OLIG AG
Legal form: AG
Foundation Date: 2007
Stock Capital: 1,5 Mio CHF

Key drivers: Business & Success Criteria

Cigarette smokers nowadays seek for products that can serve as replacement for classic cigarettes. Such alternatives are expected to be convenient and pleasant to use while reducing the harmful effects of traditional smoking products.
In the last year’s the first alternative products have gained market share from traditional products in markets. After initial surprise the major tobacco industry players do invest and operate in various segments of non-smoke products.
As the E-Cigarettes (electronic / liquids vaping cigarettes) claimed a significant growth, the proof of concept for the market readiness of alternative tobacco products was delivered. While the first steps revealed some additional degrees of freedom within the commercialization of such products the latest regulation trends show that similar rules of classic tobacco will apply to such alternatives, this inhibiting part of their growth potential. This leaves room for improvements and introducing better working alternatives to the market.

Innovation: Technical Background

OLIG AG invented the first cigarette alternative realizing a non-burn, no-device and no-steam cigarette capable to fully replace conventional tobacco usage in the mass market. The Sensitive-C cigarette sticks to the key elements of a traditional cigarette: real tobacco, real aroma & heat and real nicotine within a stand- alone use-once product.
The main advantages of the Sensitive C reside in its device-less and 0-emission product design: Straightforward usable without harming people around, without any device or operating hazards. A product at similar unit price as conventional cigarette.
The internationally patented solution is based upon a physically reacting heat source within a standard cigarette sized unit, its look, touch and feel is closest to traditional cigarette. Puffing it brings heat, aroma and nicotine submission closest to the classic burning tobacco predecessors. The manufacturing process of the Sensitive-C will fit with some adaptations in the tobacco industry standards.





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